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Quality comes from continuous improvement

▸ HERMA is committed to innovation

▸ HERMA sets standards

▸ HERMA is willing to be evaluated

Quality is our promise

Quality has top priority in all of HERMA’s processes, and we implement it by means of an integrated management system.

Certified products

Our labels must pass tough practical tests on all commonly available printers. Leading printer manufactures have repeatedly confirmed our high quality. The German technical standards monitoring agency TÜV Süd has also certified the excellent running and printing properties of HERMA PREMIUM labels. 

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Everything made in Germany

We manufacture our products exclusively at our state-of-the-art production facilities in Filderstadt, Germany, where we have highly trained employees. The adhesive material is produced in one of the most modern coating facilities in the world.

Extensive know-how

HERMA has a seamless know-how chain: from adhesive material and labels to high-tech labelling machines. This explains why we are able to tackle almost any task involving labels.

Powerful printing tools

Software is indispensable for high-precision printing of labels. HERMA offers a wide range of user-friendly solutions that professionals too rely on – and they’re free.

Certified production

We are certified by TÜV SÜD according to ISO 9001:2015 for the design, production and sales of labels and adhesives.

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Makers of our own “raw material”

HERMA is one of the few label manufacturers that develop and produce the “raw material” for labels: the adhesives.

In-house research and development

One of the main reasons for our success is that we find the right adhesive formula for every application. HERMA operates a special R&D lab for this purpose.