Do we care?
Responsibility is fundamental

▸ HERMA is conscientious

▸ HERMA takes action both inside and outside the company

▸ HERMA thinks of today and plans for tomorrow

Responsibility at HERMA

Communities thrive when everyone is committed to the general well-being and cooperate to reach a goal.

Social standards

HERMA manufactures according to strict, approved social standards. This has been confirmed by the Responsible Sourcing Audit, which we submitted ourselves to for Nestlé, and by other audits. The audit results are recognised by other major international companies.

High-quality training

Training is not only the foundation individual careers, it is essential for maintaining Germany’s position as an industrial location. Word has spread at cooperative universities about the high quality of our training for apprentices and students. More than 1,000 young people apply each time we have openings.

Investments in Germany

HERMA is a company with an international orientation. But Germany is very important to us. We are investing in this country: in our employees, our production facilities and our future.

Public commitment

HERMA is committed to helping people who, for whatever reasons, find it difficult or impossible to participate actively in the life of the community. We promote civic engagement and a team spirit.

Focus on health

Focus on health We care about the health of our employees. For this reason, HERMA has established acompany health management scheme that includes numerous sport and fitness offerings.

Long-term dependability

HERMA has been a family-owned company for 110 years. We are committed to sustained, long-term relationships – with our employees, commercial partners, customers and service providers.